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When a family law case has to use drug and alcohol testing services

They say that families are forever!

Family is the most generous bond whereby people live together as a family with love in their heart and peace around! But a famous saying states that all love and no fight isn’t a sign of good and pure relations. This is why families issues and fights are something we come across common. These conflicts can occur between the parents, siblings or the parents and the siblings. The reasons for these conflicts can be many ranging from difference in thoughts that hinder the family’s decision making, unable to come to an agreement or drug abuse too!

Family conflicts can be troublesome both mentally and physically. It can lead to distress and create tensions and frictions within the members of the family. But just like everything has a solution, families issues can also be sought out by using family laws!

The one approach during a family conflict which can worsen the situation is when the whole family starts blaming a single family member’s and declares him or her to be the cause of conflict. The very first thing here is to change ones approach and understand that we are all responsible for what is happening. Everything in the world has 

What is family law?

Family law is that branch of law which deals with issues pertaining with families, personal relations. These cases usually include child custody, divorce, and domestic abuse. Out of all these, cases of domestic abuse are the ones that are the highest reported. Such cases usually end up in divorce!

Family law cases are heard in special courts known as family courts. The work of these courts is to hear both the parties and see if there are chances of compromise between the parties. If not, then the court proceeds ahead as per the law and gives its verdict.

Let’s learn a little more about the common types of cases which end up coming in the family court:

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence tops the charts in the list of family court cases with the highest no. of reporting. Such cases are often due to drug abuse by one or the other partner. The court listens to both the parties and subsequently tests are carried out on the partner who is being blamed for drug abuse. These are medical tests to confirm that the person has been using drugs. Hair follicle test are common for detecting use of drugs like marijuana. Although, they are now used lesser due to cases of suspending use of hair tests


Divorce cases can also be called as the second stage cases as most cases which do not end up well in compromise lead to filing of divorce cases. Other reasons for filing of divorce cases can also include unfaithful partners, bad financial condition of the partner or even a small conflict can turn up a house in to a war zone leading to divorces!

Child Custody

Child custody cases often come up as third stage cases as they are often filed post divorce case verdict. The conflict here is that which parent will take custody of the child post the divorce. In certain cases, the parent’s mutually agree to who will take care of the child while in other cases both the parent’s want to take custody of the child leading to a conflict. The court here analyzes the preference of the child in the first stage. Whether the child wants to live with the mother or the father! After this the court analyzes the financial stability of the preferred choice and also checks their behaviour towards the child. In addition, they also verified whether or not the parents are drug addicts. In many cases, drug testing of at-risk parents is required to make sure that the court does not give custody of a child to a parent who is a drug addict. 

If the court feels that the person is capable to raise the child then he or she is granted the custody of the child. Reforms for child protection have come up which have laws laid down for child custody.

It is always best to settle conflicts within the family at home! There can be nothing better and more peaceful than that. But at times situations are such that moving to the court seems to be the only option. If so, do not hesitate to do so! Sometimes the court is the best place which helps you legally in resolving your issue. Every family court case doesn’t ends up in a divorce! There are tons of happy families for whom courts have come up as a blessing when it comes to resolving issues and strengthen bonds

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