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When comparing Conveyancing Companies Look at More than Just Price!

The Feeling of Buying Your First House

Buying your first house is nothing less than a dream come true. That happiness of finally moving in to your new home with your family and loved ones and throwing a house warming party for all of your friends is a feeling which cannot be easily compared to any other feeling in this world. It is a moment of pride especially if you have worked hard to accumulate the finances needed to buy your home.

The real estate world has been on a rise recently where the prices keep fluctuating from time to time. Buying a house in today’s time is not easy with all the formalities involved which gradually add up to the cost of the house. These fees which are basically overhead and adds to the cost of your house may include:


What is Conveyancing?

One service which every property buyer requires in order to ensure that the property legally belongs to them at the end of the process is conveyancing. Conveyancing, in legal terms, refers to when the ownership or title of a property shifts from the persons sell the property to the person buying the property. So conveyancing defines the whole process of legally buying and selling a house. The person who helps you with the documentation and all other aspects of conveyancing process is called the Conveyancer. A conveyancer is a professional service provider that specializes in offering the required services needed for the transfer of the title of a property from the seller to the buyer. He is aware of all the legal formalities and rules of the state which have to be followed while executing the deal. Hence, the help of a conveyancer will ensure that you will be able to sell or buy without any worries.

There are tons of people around you who must be offering conveyancing services in your region. Some of them might be new to the business while others might be doing it as a family business inherited from their grandparents. But how do you decide which one to choose from? Choosing a conveyancer is an art in itself as one has to consider many things before making the final decision. The following tips will help you to choose the right conveyancer so that you can successfully complete all the legalities surrounding the purchase of your property.

How to choose a Conveyancer?

Most people focus on price when choosing a conveyancer; however, you should focus on more than just pricing. Here are some other things that you should focus on.

Local conveyancer

It is best advised to go for a local conveyancer as they have got more experience and knowledge of your locality. Apart from this, they are more aware about the state laws prevailing to your area when it comes to conveyancing.

Go for Registered Ones

Conveyancing is a profession! And just like any other professional, there are registered and recognized conveyancers too! We advise you to opt for a conveyancer who is a registered member of one or the other conveyancing council of your area or state. They are accountable for the work they perform and are much more reliable.


It is always best to ask family and friends for recommendations. Even from your colleagues, boss or your current landlord whose house you are going to vacate soon to shift to yours! They must have made use of conveyancing services before and might be able to share their experience as well as suggest a good conveyancer in your town.


Conveyancing is all about service and if you are going to pay then make sure to pay for good service. Good service is when your conveyancer gets the things done on time, charges you reasonably and offers you a hassle free experience of owning a house!

Look Online

The world is going online and so are conveyancers! You might come across local conveyancers online who must be having websites or social media pages of their own. A little surfing online to look for one in your area won’t harm anyone.


A conveyancer who is able to communicate well will be able to render his services better. So do consider the level of communication your conveyancer can get indulged in.


They say that it is the best to compare more than just the price when you are looking for a solicitor. That is why we initially listed down all the other things except the fees which you must compare. But lastly, fee does matter too as you would also prefer to choose a conveyance who is in your price range.

In conclusion, never assume that the services of a conveyancer is not needed and that you can complete the conveyancing process on your own. That is a major mistake.

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