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Why is patenting important for your business?

Is the patenting process worth it?

If you are at least a little bit familiar with the patenting process, you are quite aware of how complex the process is and how much effort it takes. The sole fact of coming out with an invention or developing an all new product or productive process is a huge investment of resources, time and money. This effort adds up to all the work that the developers have had to do to learn about their field of expertise and prepare themselves to conduct the investigation. On top of that, the patenting process is long and requires a lot of background investigation as well. This is due to the understandable fact that, if your invention or idea has already been registered under someone else's name, the whole patenting process will be of no use. If a patent does not feature an all new idea, it is invalid. Even if you have completed such research -or paid to someone else to do it for you- you still will have to follow the legal steps of the patenting process and perhaps wait for years in the stage of patent pending until the patent is oficially granted for you. And, after all of that effort, the patent will expire anyway in about two decades as most legal systems go, and you will never be able to regain power or control over your own idea again.

All of this can -understandably- be disencouraging for people who are considering to patent an idea. Patenting can be a bother and sometimes the benefits could seem too little to be worth it. Well, this can lead to the importance of intelectual property protection being overlooked. Not all people are fully aware of why patents can be so important. Certainly, if they were not, nobody would take the time and effort to lead a patenting process or pay an attorney to do so. 

The importance of patents

When comparing Conveyancing Companies Look at More than Just Price!

The Feeling of Buying Your First House

Buying your first house is nothing less than a dream come true. That happiness of finally moving in to your new home with your family and loved ones and throwing a house warming party for all of your friends is a feeling which cannot be easily compared to any other feeling in this world. It is a moment of pride especially if you have worked hard to accumulate the finances needed to buy your home.

The real estate world has been on a rise recently where the prices keep fluctuating from time to time. Buying a house in today’s time is not easy with all the formalities involved which gradually add up to the cost of the house. These fees which are basically overhead and adds to the cost of your house may include: Read More...

Why should I use a law firm and which legal services should I use personally?

Situations which may require the assistance of a law firm

Dealing with legal matters normally requires the use of an lawyer; however, not each and every legal matter require the use of an lawyer. For example, if you receive a speeding ticket and would like to fight the validity of such a ticket, you will not need a law firm. On the other hand, if you are going through a divorce, you will need the assistance and guidance of a law firm to provide you with an experienced lawyer. The law is a complicated matter which requires knowledge, experience and expertise which most of us do not have and as a result, we need a law firm.

So when exactly do you need a law firm? Here are some of the most common situations in which the assistance of a law firm is needed.  Read More...

How to improve and standardised your approach to risk management

Which are the risks that every industry face

Every industry whether it is the legal industry, the health care industry or the information technology industry is at risk and as such each and every industry need to find ways and implement measures and strategies to reduce the risk. This is why every company or organization in any industry must invest in risk management. Risk management is a continuing process which identifies, analyzes and evaluates potential risks and have a well-defined plan in place to mitigate the adverse effects of loss as a result of risk. There are four main types of risks that industries suffer from. These are financial risks, operation risks, perimeter risks and strategic risks.


How to use the Crown Prosecution Service

What is the Crown Prosecution Service?

The CPS works autonomously as a legal agency in charge of preparing and presenting UK criminal prosecutions. As the prosecutor for the public, it has a close relationship with the police, courts along with other criminal justice agencies. The CPS advises the police about future prosecutions and is in charge of the police-initiated prosecutions.

The DPP (Director of Public Prosecutions) is the head of the CPS justice system. The Attorney General appoints the DPP, and is accountable for the CPS performance to Parliament. The current DPP (2012) is known as Keir Starmer QC. 


Brief Background

The CPS came up under the 1985 Act of Offense Prosecution, following the Criminal Procedure Royal Commission’s findings, under the chairmanship of Sir Cyril Philips and published in the year 1981. Read More...

Paper shredding in London, did you know its the law?

Handling clients' data

Companies manage data from their clients on a daily basis. Depending on the product they sell or the service they provide, they will require information in order to work properly. Some of that info they often request includes contact data for all purposes regarding their product, the client's history of consumtions and preferences, and all specifications said client might have provided. This can include quite sensitive information just as home address, private phone number, e-mail address and even credit card numbers. 

Certain companies work with even more delicate information. In example, finance companies often have access to their clients' account information and money flow records. Advisors and counselors need to know details about a client's company or personal life. Mental health professionals know about thei patients' biography and deepest secrets. Architects have seen the blueprints of a person's house. And so on. Read More...

How to Grow Your Business Using Conferences And Meetings Effectively

The Art of Growing a Business

Growing a business requires a great deal of effort being put in by all the people involved in it. The employees of the business play a major role in taking the business forward. Keeping them involved in the important decisions of the business is thus crucial to the success of any company. Moreover, having effective communications taking place in between the different department heads of the company can help in building better relationships in between them, creating more harmony and synergy. It will greatly help a business in growing too as everyone would then be on the same page. A great way of accomplishing all this is to have regular meetings and conferences. 

Growing Your Business Using Conferences   

Conferences are a great means of bringing like-minded people together on a single platform. It can help them in sharing ideas with each other that are going to mutually benefit them in their respective business endeavours. Moreover, conferences also provide businesses the chance to learn more about each other and what they can do to facilitate each other’s growth. Thus, attending a conference is a great growth opportunity for any business and it should never let it go. In fact, businesses should look to organize them from time to time to take advantage of the growth opportunities it could bring them.  

However, organizing a conference is not a simple task. It requires a great deal of detailed planning and weeks of careful preparation. You will need to take care of a number of aspects before you can manage to organize a successful conference. Since a conference isn’t held inside an office building, you will need to decide on a venue for it first. The choice of the venue is going to set the tone of the conference. So, make sure that you choose such a venue which is both iconic and well-known to all the major businesses of your industry. The following are some of the best conference venues available in the UK that you can choose from.     Read More...

Legal Advice for Collaborative Platforms like Guest in the City

Legal challenges for collaborative platforms

It is in the nature of economy models, just as any other thing created by humans, to evolve and change as time goes by. The capitalist model has adapted during the course of its history, being the same at its core but mutating and offering new possibilities for growth and exploitation. Collaborative economies are among the latest economic strategies used by people to create businesses and exchange goods and services in order to generate wealth. Perhaps the basic difference between the old and new models is that collaborative economy is less hierarchical and less centralized, so value can flow among the actors in a more equitable way.

From minute one collaborative economy sounds like a field of activities and jobs for which legislation is not yet prepared. And to some degree, this is true. At the beginning, collaborative models were apart from the mainstream scheme of markets and companies, just people doing their own thing. However, now there are web portals, organizations and very active groups, even companies, with deep involvement in a collaborative economy. So legislation did start to adapt and new laws and bills were passed, aiming to regulate this rapidly growing sector of economy. Read More...

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